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The San Francisco Builders Exchange

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If a contractor, builder, or other professionals within the construction industry are looking for a supportive community that offers resources to improve their business among other perks, joining a builders exchange would be a critical move. This article is intended to help construction professionals in the San Francisco area understand what the San Francisco Builders Exchange is and what it has to offer.

What Is the San Francisco Builders Exchange?

The San Francisco Builders Exchange is a professional organization that includes general contractors, sub-contractors, builders, building material dealers, and other professionals in the construction industry who reside within the San Francisco Bay Area. This builders exchange serves the purpose of promoting the professional interests of construction professionals and providing access to the resources necessary to improve their profits and business endeavors.

The San Francisco Builders Exchange became part of the Bay area’s community in July of 1890 and has since worked continuously to support construction industry professionals. Not only does the San Francisco Builders Exchange support its members’ successes, but it also provides the opportunity for builders and contractors to receive fair discounts on insurance and other necessities.

What Resources Do Builders Exchanges Provide?

Not only does the San Francisco Builders Exchange offer support for construction industry professionals, but they have other perks that many contractors and builders find useful. These perks generally include discounts, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and safety services. The builders exchange may also assist construction industry professionals in the creation of bid bonds. The full list of services provided by the builders exchange include:

  • Local projects up for bid
  • Social events and seminars where members can connect and network
  • Insurance referrals
  • Construction forms
  • Safety video library
  • Online plan service
  • Daily updated website
  • Free parking
  • Notary services
  • Liability insurance referrals
  • Legislative information
  • Reference materials
  • Sales of Construction forms
  • Mailbox service
  • Office spaces leased

Who Can Join the San Francisco Builders Exchange?

The members of the San Francisco Builders Exchange are any contractors, builders, or individuals with construction-related interests who work or own a business in the San Francisco or Bay Area. Although the majority of the members of the San Francisco Builders Exchange reside in San Francisco or the Bay Area, the builders exchange encourages all interested individuals to apply for membership.

If a builder or contractor is interested in joining the San Francisco Builders Exchange, they can submit a quick application through the builders exchange website. Generally, this application will be sent through the mail. More detailed steps that outline the application process for joining the builders exchange can be found in the sections below.

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Builders Exchange?

Many contractors and builders decide to join a builders exchange because of the many benefits that are typically offered. Alongside other resources, the San Francisco Builders Exchange offers several planning rooms, liability insurance, and group workers’ compensation insurance.

Online Plan Room

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date on current projects is to visit the San Francisco Builders Exchange’s online planning room. This online service allows members to view plans, look at specifications, and review addenda for all current projects. This online plan room also allows members to see any upcoming social events and seminars.

Plan Room and Weekly Plan Listing

The plan room and weekly plan listing offer a variety of workspaces for all estimating needs. In addition, the San Francisco Builders Exchange has free wireless access to individuals who are Class ‘A’ members. The weekly plan listing is updated daily, and always has hundreds of plans on file at the Exchange for members to review. Finally, the customized computer plan tracking system is available to monitor all current and future jobs that will be available at the Exchange.

Medical Insurance Trust

The San Francisco Builders Exchange Has several different options for group medical insurance plans. This builders exchange insurance trust is competitively priced, comprehensive, and offers flexible employee benefits. Further, the medical insurance trust options generally have group discounts and coverage plans that include health, dental, chiropractic, vision, and other life options.

Group Workers Compensation Insurance

Builders Exchange Compensation Council (BECC) services to provide group workers compensation insurance at competitive rates. Once Builders Exchange members become part of this Council, they have the opportunity to receive the claims management service, annual safety reviews, educational seminars and materials, newsletters, and bonus dividends.

How to Join the San Francisco Builders Exchange

The process for joining the San Francisco Builders Exchange is relatively simple. While there is only one application form, there are several different opportunities for membership. For instance, the Class A membership includes access to the plan room and online plan room for an additional cost. The Class B Membership only includes Insurance. Although the Class A membership is more expensive, it does offer more access to the builders exchange services.

The detailed steps for submitting an application to join the San Francisco Builders Exchange include:

Step 1: Visit the San Francisco Builders Exchange online website.

Step 2: Go to the membership tab and click on ‘application for membership’.

Step 3: Click on the highlighted SFBE Member Application form.

Step 4: Fill out and complete the form. This step will include selecting which type of membership the builder would like to opt into. Contractors will choose to join group insurance benefits and can decide if they would like the other resources provided by the builders exchange.

Step 5: Mail in the application to the address provided. Payment can be sent along with the application, or prospective members can call their contact number to pay by credit card.

Builders, contractors, and construction industry professionals deserve to be supported by their community. For that reason, the San Francisco Builders Exchange is the ideal organization for all construction professionals. Because insurance and liability are so important, contractors and builders should rely on quality, local companies that provide such services. However, not all insurance is created equally. To receive a quote for quality liability insurance or workers compensation insurance, get a quote from Surety First today.

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