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Do Contractor License Bond Costs & Requirements Vary Based Upon A Contractors Choice of Legal Entity?

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Contractor’s looking to start a new construction business in California, or change legal entity’s for an existing one should becomes familiar with how these changes may affect their license bonding costs, as well as other requirements they may become subject to,  prior to proceeding.  While a contractor’s choice of legal structure will require a single […]

Posting Cash with the CSLB in Lieu of a California Contractor’s License Bond

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As a condition for maintaining an active contractor’s license in California, all contractors must file a $15,000 license bond with the Contractors State License Board and this amount has generally increased over time to keep pace with inflation.  An exception to this rule allows contractors to post $15,000 cash with the CSLB in lieu of a […]

Are High California Contractor License Bond Rates Forcing Some Contractors To Close Shop?

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As many contractors have witnessed firsthand, several core expenses related to construction have been on the rise in recent years.  While fluctuating expenses are nothing new to most contractors, the combination of high business costs along with few work opportunities is placing a serious crunch on the finances of many small contractors, and threatening any […]

GetMyCLB California Contractor License Bonds

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If you’re like many contractors searching for an affordable license bond, you’re probably wondering what the new GETMYCLB bond program from Suretec is, as well as what their role is in providing license bonds for California contractors.  Hopefully this sheds some light on GETMYCLB and their place in the California contractor license bond marketplace.   […]

Contractor License Bonds – Overcoming Bad Credit

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The prolonged downturn in the California construction industry over the past few years has strained the finances of many contractors, some of which  must now overcome bad credit, among other hurdles in securing affordable license bonding.   Contractors license bond rates in California are generally based on many factors including license and credit history, with each […]

What Is A California Contractors License Bond?

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Why should California contractors purchase a contractors license bond?  According to state law, all licensed contractors in California are required to maintain a $15,000 license bond with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) as a condition for maintaining an active license (or post cash in lieu of a bond). (Business and Professions Code Section 7071.6)   The […]

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