For many aspiring contractors still navigating the licensing process, becoming bonded to satisfy CSLB guidelines can seem like a confusing process as its likely the first surety bond they’ve ever had to purchase. Fortunately, we’ve greatly simplified the license bonding process to where contractors can quote, purchase and file their contractors license bond online with the CSLB in under 5 minutes.  Sound simple?  It is.  Here’s how the process works in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Have Your Contractors License or Application Number Handy

To get started, just enter your contractors license or application number on the right side of this page in the “Instant Bond Quote” box and click the “Get Quote Now” button.

Step 2 – Complete Your Quote

With just a few pieces of information, most contractors will receive an instant approval on a highly competitive bond rate with a term option of 1-3 years. Multi-year bonds offer a great opportunity for increased savings as well as protection against rising bond costs in the future.

Step 3 – Purchase Your Bond

After agreeing to the bond terms and entering payment information, contractors can confirm their purchase online and print their bond ID card.  Following the purchase confirmation, we’ll simultaneously send contractors an email that contains pdf attachments including a copy of the license bond and other relevant documents.  It’s important to note that contractors are not required to file a copy of their bond with the CSLB as we electronically file all bonds on behalf of California contractors automatically.  Contractors that elect to file their own bond may actually delay their application process as the CSLB requires an official signed copy of the bond that is provided directly by the surety. Soon after, we’ll also mail contractors a plastic wallet ID card.  In just three simple steps the bonding process is complete and no further action is required by the contractor with regards to their bond until it’s up for renewal.  Pool or roofing contractors should contact our office as instant online quoting is not available for these classifications.

By Jeremy Schaedler